Virtual office

Do you want your clients to regard your company as a professional, solid venture, yet you don’t want to hire a full-time secretary?

Or maybe you want to run a helpline?

Take advantage of the Studio’s secretary services.

You will look more professional to your Clients as well as minimize the cost of maintaining your office.

Are you a lawyer or a doctor? Making appointments deorganizes your daily work? Our virtual secretariat will handle it for you.

Basic secretary services in the Studio’s offer are:

  • dedicated fixed-line number
  • providing information about your company and its offer on the telephone
  • handling e-mail correspondence
  • handling traditional mail
  • providing address for correspondence / registering your company.

Does it pay to take advantage of the Studio's secretary services? 

Instead of lenghty list of arguments, let's present some obvious numbers :

  • "Visit" - the most expensive of our standard service packages costs 600 zł + VAT a month. It includes a company registration address, mail handling and up to 10 hours in our conference rooms.
  • Renting a conference room for 10 hours outside the mentioned package is 390 zł + VAT.
  • The cost of renting a 10-square-meter office in the centre of Cracow, giving your vanture a prestigious address, averages about 1000 zł + VAT a month. If such office is inadequate for business meetings, you will probably rent a meeting room elsewhere, which increases the costs even further.
  • The most popular package among our clienta - "Call and Write"- providing basic secretary services (handling phone calls, traditional and electronic mail, address for correspondence) costs 450 zł + VAT a month.
  • Employing a full-time secretary, who would perform all the mentioned tasks, can cost more than 1500 zł a month.
  • Neither will it solve the problem of absence during vacations and sick leaves. 

Is that convincing enough?

Secretary Services

Services Office Meetings Call Call and Write Visit Contact Point
Providing the correspondence address
Providing the registration address
5 days of office admission per month*
10 hour of “Idea” conference room admission**
Dedicated fixed-line number***
Picking your phone calls, introducing your company
Providing information on your company / offer / orders
Handling mail
Handling e-mail
Hadling internal correspondence
Making appointments / running the schedule
Daily activity reports
Monthly fee (excluding VAT) 400,00 zł 500,00 zł 350,00 zł 450,00 zł 600,00 zł 300,00 zł

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