About us

The studio in a Nutshell

Are you a freelancer, an emerging enterpreneur or already run a small company? If so, The Studio has an interresting offer for you: a workplace in a coworking office, conference rooms and secretary services.

Quit working at home, start coworking

The Studio is a coworking centre - an alternative to a solitary work at home, in an office or a cafe. It’s a shared office for those who look for a place to work with all the necessities provided - or simply the company of people who will make your work easier, more pleasant and effective.

One thing is the place - a friendly atmosphere, comfortable workspace for both individual and group labour, a conference room, access to the Internet and office equipment, reception services, a leisure zone and delicious coffee and tea.

The other thing are the people - at the Studio, we gather a group creative and sociable persons, who are willing to participate in discussions an mutual support. We want to be a source of ideas, a place for fruitful conversations...

Is there anything more important for people who work alone or in small companies?

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