Your coworking fee covers:

  • A comfortable workplace (a desk, a chair, a lamp, electric sockets, a cache cabinet).
  • Internet access.
  • Access to the office equipment (a printer, a scanner).
  • Secretary assistance (taking care of your guests, assistance with office appliances etc.).
  • Possibility to use our address and the telephone number as your company contact information.
  • An office bar with aromatic coffee and tea (no one else has so many types of tea :)).
  • Kitchen with a coffee machine, a microwave, a toster, a fridge, tables and the biggest collection of mugs :).
  • Preferential terms of using our conference rooms.

We have a flexible approach to our Clients’ needs - you can use the office for as long as you need - and that’s all what you pay for.

The fee covers the cost of a workplace (a desk, a chair, a lamp), access to the Internet and the office equipment (a printer, a scanner), water, coffee and tea, basic secretary assistance and the possibility to use the Studio’s address and fixed phone number as contact info for your company.

Flat fees* - for frequent visitors:

  • Monthly  650 zł + VAT
  • 10-day     450 zł + VAT
  • 5-day       350 zł + VAT

Prices for infrequent users:

  • One day**    80 zł + VAT
  • Half a day** 50 zł + VAT
  • One hour     20 zł + VAT


Every new client is entitled to use one trial day of work free of charge.

The prices given on the website are net prices

* Days available for use within one month from the day of the purchase.

** One day equals 9 hours (from 9:00 to 17:00); Half a day equals 4 hours (chosen between 9:00 and 17:00).

The information published on the web site are not a commercial offer as meant in the Civil Code.

The price list is valid from 1st January 2024.


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